Ultimate Foursome Experience

Friday June 22, 2012 at 4:26 pm

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You may remember The Ultimate Foursome Experience Sweepstakes that we ran earlier this spring. The Sweepstakes gave away a weekend for four in San Francisco to experience the U.S. Open, as well as a round of golf at Green Hills Country Club. This truly was the Ultimate Foursome Experience, a dream weekend that any golfer would love to be a part of.

Well, as you know, we just wrapped up U.S. Open weekend, so the winners were able to cash in with a weekend in San Francisco. Cleveland Golf was honored to host Tony Black, Craig Black, Rob Mauro and Paul Palmer. The foursome, who all live in New York, flew in on Friday morning and headed straight to Green Hills Country Club. The foursome enjoyed the course thoroughly, Tony claimed “the course was immaculate!” In addition to that, Tony (who won the actual sweepstakes) was thrilled to have his Dad along for Fathers Day weekend. “To come to the U.S. Open is one thing, but to do it with you father…. That is special.”

Saturday meant heading out to the U.S. Open at The Olympic Club. If you have not been to San Francisco you may not know this, but the entire city is built on a series of hills. Needless to say, The Olympic Club is not the easiest course to navigate on foot! It is an incredibly scenic course, however, and every hole adds a new wrinkle of difficulty from the previous hole.

Sunday added some extra drama. Graeme McDowell was tied for the lead heading into the final day of the Championship. Our four winners were ecstatic to see a Cleveland Golf/Srixon Staffer atop the leader board. Ultimately, GMac finished T2nd after a drama filled late run and a 25 footer that couldn’t find the hole on the 72nd hole.

Overall it was a great week! We were very happy to share this experience with a great group of guys.

How did you spend your U.S. Open weekend?

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    August 04, 2012 at 2:20 am, Baehaky said:

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